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Babe's Kitchen offers a diverse, unique selection of appetizers, soups and entrees to satisfy every taste, including fresh seasonal dishes. We would be happy to make a recommendation for you.


And of course, don't forget to check out our selection of mouth-watering desserts.

From the Griddle

Belgian Waffle- Golden Belgian  Waffle topped with butter and hot Maple Syrup. 



Add Strawberries and whipped cream $3.50



Hot Cakes - Our fluffy golden pancakes stacked 3 high. Topped with melted butter and syrup                $9.00


Short Stack  -Our fluffy golden pancakes stacked 2 high. Topped with melted butter and syrup



French Toast- 2 Slices of our homemade bread battered with lots of love and grilled to perfection! topped with butter and powered sugar.



Cinnamon French Toast- 2 Slices of our Cinnamon bread battered with lots of love and grilled to perfection! topped with melted butter and powered sugar. $7.50


Breakfast Burritos


*Chorizo & Egg                       9.00


*Spinach Mushroom & Jack Cheese                                     10.00


*Babe’s Home Potatoes &

  Sausage, Ham or Bacon                                                                  10.00


*Chili Verde and Babe’s Home Potatoes                                                                                                       11.00                          


Side Orders


Biscuits & Gravy   

 $9.00 full  $6.00 half


Hamburger Patty    

 $5.00 single $7.00 double


Pork Chops - 2 golden grilled center cut pork chops        



Sausage Patty- 1 hand shaped ground pork patty grilled to perfection                



Bacon-  4 strips of thick cut smoked bacon                                  



Ham- Babe's hand cut ham steak      



Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat  - Made to order and topped with melted butter, brown sugar and raisins



Grits -Made to order         



Side of Gravy- Our house made Sausage Gravy






Toast or English Muffin          $2.00


Cottage Cheese & Tomato    



Fresh Seasonal Fruit              



1 Pancake - Fluffy golden pancake topped with melted butter and syrup                            



George’s Hash Browns-  Golden shredded potatoes is what made us famous!          



Babe’s Home Potatoes - Red potatoes bell peppers and onions all grilled and topped with cheddar and Jack Cheese        



Morning Specials


#1 -One Egg, 3 Bacon, ½ Biscuit & Gravy                             



#2 -One Egg, 2 links, George’s Hash Brown

or Babe’s Home Potatoes Toast & Home Made Jelly          




(Served with George’s Hash Browns or Babe’s Home

Potatoes, Toast & Home Made Jelly)


Sausage & Eggs                                   $11.75


Pork Chops & Eggs                             $16.00


Ham & Eggs                                       



Hamburger Patty & Eggs                   $11.00


Bacon & Eggs                                     



Spam or Corned Beef Hash & Eggs   



Chorizo & Eggs  



Eggs Benedict                                     





Served with George’s Hash Browns or House Potatoes, Toast & Home Made Jelly


Denver -3 eggs Diced Ham Bell Peppers and Onions                    



Sausage- 3 eggs and a sausage patty                       



Bacon - 3 eggs and 4 strips of chopped thick cut smoked bacon



Ham -3 eggs and diced ham



Spam -3 eggs and diced spam, this is the ultimate Old School Classic!



Spanish  -3 eggs with sauted tomato, onion and bell peppers                   



Mushroom or Chili -3 eggs with sauted mushrooms or smothered in chili



Cheese -3 eggs and choice of cheese                      



Plain  -3 eggs                          



Add cheese                   $1.15


Breakfast Dishes fit for a King !


Pork Chops- Pan fried and served with any 2 eggs any style and George's HasBrowns or Babe's Home Potatoes $16


Ham Steak- Grilled to perfection and served with 2 eggs any way you like them and George's Hash Browns or Babe's Home Potatoes and Taost & Home Made Jelly 



Double Burger Patty Breakfast-  House Made Sirloin Burger Patty and 2 eggs any style with either George's Hash Browns or Babe's Home Potatoes and Home Made Toast and Jelly



Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy- One of our customers Favorites! Freshly made  Buttermilk Biscuits smothered in our Babe's Sausage gravy. Comes with 2 eggs any style $12


Overload Omlette- This is our bigest omlette. 4 eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions,and Sausage. Topped with Sour Cream and Avacado. Comes with George's Hash Browns or Babe's Home Potatoes



***Add Strawberries and whipped cream***$3.50





Meats-House Made Sausage Patty, Saugage Links, Hot Links, Double Smoked Thick Bacon, Chorizo, House Made Sirloin Patty, Pork Chops, Spam and Corned Beef Hash


Potatoes- George's Hash Browns or Babe's Home Potatoes


Bread- Our thick sliced Housemade Bread, English Muffin, Sourdough, Wheat, Raisin,Rye and Squaw







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